Vaping testimonies

Tell it like it is…

Testimonies from vapers. Here are a few that have been left on this site – anonymised.  If you work in public health you should find these inspiring and immensely positive. If you aren’t inspired, then please read this open letter. If you want to leave a testimony, send it to me here – please keep it brief and focussed on your personal experience. I may edit for length, relevance etc but won’t put words in your mouth. Also, consider going global and post your testimony on the CASAA testimonials facility.  Updated 6 May 2017. 

Here we go…

Hi i thought i would share this with everyone. I’m 57 and have smoked 25/30 cigarette’s a day since i was 14. Recently i took some advice from a work colleague about ecig/vapping and went to a proper shop.the guys in the shop asked about my habbit and sold me a set up , not the one i thought i would like but one that would be right for me. I walked out of the shop all set up and started to use it.
That was on Monday 24 April 2017 about 9.30 .
I have not had a cigarette since nor have i had any cravings.
My advice to anyone thinking of changing from cigarettes to vapping is this.
But don’t just get the stuff you think will work from the garage or local newsagents go see people who know ,
because i smoked l&b cigarette’s​ i thought i would need 18 or 24 mg strength nicotine juice. Not true they have started me on 3mg juice in a sub om device and it’s working a treat.
Ok i know the set up i brought seemed expensive when i got it but in real terms it paid for it’s self in a week.
I’m now on day 13 without a cigarette and won’t be back on them , i already feel the physical benefits and have started to see the daily financial benefits .

Many know me as VapinJenn on the Juicin with Jenn Shows. Here is my testimony on why I started to vape: I am a former 2.5 pack a day Menthol 100’s smoker and I sucked each one of those down. I started smoking at the age of 16. Dec 3, 2013 I was diagnosed with metastatic brain cancer, 3 tumors all not operable one on my motor skills, one on memory, and the one they are constantly concerned about is the one my brain stem. As you can imagine, I was floored when I got the news. I asked all the why me, I’m too young questions and decided I had to make a change in my life. My husband drove me to a local brick and mortar store and I picked up my first ego/evod set up and my 22mg of e-liquid and as they say the rest is history. After over 20 years of smoking I never thought a simple device would work.

I spent day after day researching e-cigs, getting new equipment as my knowledge advanced and all the while taking the chance and lowering my nicotine levels. I began making my own coils and in the process found a new hobby along with a lifesaving system. Something that worked. No medications, no patches a simple device that helped me to quit the combustible tobacco roller coaster. Today I am 100% tobacco free and I am loving life. I can breathe again. Vaping has saved my life. I will forever have these tumors and will be in and out of Chemo forever, but I will NEVER smoke again. I am lucky, my doctor SUPPORTS vaping as a true alternative to smoking. With all that being said, I will NOT be a casualty of Big Tobacco and the pharmaceuticals making billions a year to keep us sick and in need of their “services”, I lost a very special Mother in Law whom I loved dearly who smoked for over 60 years, and I wish I had known about vaping because she may be here today.

I smoked for 42 years. I tried to quit at least twice a year for the last decade. Tried every method. No success. I thought, “This is how I’ll die”. 2 1/2 years ago I drove to a Vape Shop and took my first puff and never smoked another cigarette. Everyone who has ever known me couldn’t believe it. I can’t believe it. I am very much alive and thankful for the phenomenon that is vaping.

Was smoking a pack a day for the past 10 years. I’m 33 and was starting to think I would die young. A month ago I started vaping and am now proud to say I am a non smoker. Vaping not only works, it saves lives

I have to agree with all the comments that vapering has made my life normal, after years of smoking, and recently dioanosed with codp and had to quit the smellys, I do also feel a fraud when people say aren’t you good , quitting just like that !! If only they knew , how much I loved and hated the fags, and good if I’m really honest how I miss them, thank the lord for e- faggs , and please god take me before l ever get to the stage were I’m dying like a fish out of water,!!!!

I would like to describe myself as a non-smoker, but I did smoke cigarettes for a short while when I was a teenager, 45 years ago, so I should say I’m an ex-smoker. However, I still like self-medicating nicotine. I have been prone to depression and anxiety at times, and I find that nicotine is effective in alleviating my moods. There has been some research that supports that view. For a couple of years after giving up cigarettes I used nasal snuff, but that was generally frowned upon by my peers and it was difficult to ‘administer’ in public. It was also a bit messy. Then I discovered Swedish Snus. I have to say that was a delight. It was discreet to use and came in a great range of strengths and flavours. Swedish Snus kept me ‘mellow’ for decades – I ordered it regularly from Sweden and even had my own snus fridge to store it in. Then the EU got involved. In about 2008 or 2009 my mail packages started to be confiscated by Customs and Excise. Some unelected bureaucrats somewhere had decided I shouldn’t be allowed to have it.I tried going back to nasal snuff, but it wasn’t satisfactory. Luckily, e-cigarettes were starting to appear on the market. I steered clear of the early ‘cig-alikes’ for two reasons: one, it was too much like smoking, and two, there didn’t appear to be much research on them. During that lean period I had another depressive episode and had to resort to medical intervention. But, as second-, third- and fourth-generation devices were introduced, the technology and research improved exponentially. I have studied it extensively and I’m happy to administer nicotine by this method. Now I vape all day, every day, and vaping has become a common and accepted sight everywhere I go. It’s part of my psychological nature to worry, of course, but I do wonder what the future holds for the accessibility of vaping devices and liquids. If regulations become too restrictive then what alternative will be left open to me? Start smoking?

I have been smoking since the age of 13 and was diagnosed with a lung cancer at 43. Fortunately picked up at an early stage, the prognosis was relatively good. I was however fired from job after my sick leave. I am a scientist working for big pharma that make drug to treat patient for cancers including lung cancer and medical aids products to stop smoking… Sadly, that experience didn’t help me to stop smoking cigarettes. Something changed though, each time I was buying a pack it was ending in the toilet after smoking a couple of them with the determination to stop. So I stop buying them and got myself an ecig starter kit about a year ago. I was able to slow down on cigarettes but still I didn’t completely stopped and put my ecig away went back to cigarettes (~10/day). I was back to the same pattern including a debilitating obsessive and constitutive craving for a smoke. A year later, I decided to go back running at the gym since my surgery. I couldn’t run further than a quarter of a mile without suffocating. Smoking had to stop as I was telling myself for years. I found my old ecig get some 24mg/ml juice and managed vaping with a broken tank. I was able to dramatically reduce my cigarettes smoking rate to 2 per day. The taste of cigarettes became just nasty. My endurance improved drastically to 3 miles/day and swimming ~ 20 yards per day without much pain with an average Heart Rate of 145bpm (~70% of my max)and a resting HR at 60bpm! I went to gear up my ecig set with upgraded feature to enhance the vaping experience with progressive decrease of nicotine content in the juice. Now, I do not smoke cigarettes anymore and my daily fitness is just pure joy and so rewarding. I even went to buy a pack for my wife, who is a very light smoker, without picking one up.That was a first!

I started on 24mg liquid but didn’t stop dual use until 5 months later when I mixed by own 36mg liquid and used an advanced electrofag. I was a very heavy smoker for many years. I am now down to 12mg liquid after 9 months smoking cessation. I had a very scary and enlightening experience yesterday. When Clive wrote here previously that there was a risk that vapers would return to smoking I thought very smugly “Well I wouldn’t”. Yesterday I forgot to take my electrofag with me when I went out and after 4 hours, despite having nicotine chewing gum with me, I bought a packet of cigarettes. I still don’t understand why and my only explanation is that tobacco has such a strong hold on me I look for any opportunity to indulge, despite the fact that they now taste foul. If I had been able to buy even a cigalike with nicotine I would have chosen that. I live in Australia of course.

I was a heavy smoker. Like super heavy, easily going through two packs per day and sometimes three or four depending on the day. I had a routine, wake up then immediately spark up. Coffee and a smoke. Get to work, coffee and a smoke. Four or five smokes before work officially started at 9AM. Regular smoke breaks during the day, two or three during lunch. You get the picture. Most of my smoking was either habitual or as a way to calm down and de-stress (when working on a tech support desk, it can get really stressful). In the space of five short years, my entire world had been shattered. When I looked around the devastation left, I wasn’t sure which pieces I should pick up and which pieces I should just ignore. Smoking of course was picked up. I went through over two hundred smokes in three days. It was then, and only then that I realised something needed to change. I started vaping exclusively on June 11th 2014. I’ve managed to pull myself out the deep funk I’d gotten into during the difficult years with my parents respective illnesses. I feel so much better and healthier than I have ever done. I started at 18mg of nicotine juice, and now I vape 6mg. A rapid decrease in under a year. You can read the full story at my own blog

I smoked roll ups for 29 years and never wanted to give up. I bought an ecig after seeing someone using one in hospital when I was visiting my partner one time. At first I only used it in places I couldn’t smoke but after a few weeks I decided to give it a proper go. It was January 4th, 2013. I didn’t for one moment believe I would be giving up smoking, indeed I had bought a 50g pack that morning. I never opened that pack of tobacco and I have never wanted to smoke ever since. To this day I still cannot believe I am a non smoker and how easy it was to become one. I don’t believe scientists quite so easily either – I never used nicotine in the juice and had no cravings for it.

I just wanted to say to anyone reading these…its all true!! My husband gave me a vaper for Christmas and I just was not that happy as I felt I was being bullied into giving up smoking. Anyway, thought I would just use it occasionally to shut him up but I had absolutely no intention of giving up. Anyway, first couple of days I was still smoking as well but on the third day, i didn’t have any cigarettes so smoked all morning at work and got some at lunchtime that day. I had one puff and it tasted so disgusting I threw it away…couldn’t believe it. I have carried on with the Vaper with 18mg of Vanilla , my favourite smell and taste …and have tried to smoke normal cigarettes a couple of times but I just can’t , the metallic taste is so horrible, now in my third week and still have 16 of that twenty I bought left. Anyway, I’m kind of upset in a funny way to have stopped smoking but the feeling of being able to breathe all the way down into my lungs, I’ve stopped coughing and not spending any money on cigs…cannot believe it..personally in shock!! My Sister another confirmed smoker saw what happened to me, bought one over a week ago and has had exactly the same experience and just can’t smoke anymore!! I’m 47 and smoked 15-20 a day for 21 years!! Only one day without in all that time before a couple of weeks ago!!

I am 42 years old and had smoked for 28 years. I hadn’t ever really wanted to stop smoking, but as I grew older and my slight morning cough became more frequent, I started worrying more about all those years of carelessly smoking! I picked up a cigalike from Tescos one day, but this was not enough for me to stop, it was not strong enough, so I continued to smoke. A year later I discover an actual dedicated electronic cigarette shop and walk away with a far superior device to use. To my amazement I preferred this menthol liquid to my menthol cigarettes and from that day on it has changed my life ! My cough rapidly cleared up and I can now take a deep breath without coughing, I can also laugh properly without having a coughing fit ! What a joy ! I’m certain my health has improved with this brilliant invention. It’s a fantastic feeling when you have the realisation that cigarettes no longer have this control over you, you just know you’re never going back to tobacco and the money saved is also life changing. These amazing devices give us all hope of a better and longer life ahead.

From 1943 until 2012 I smoked 10 strong, unfiltered cigarettes/day (about 250,000 units). In 2010 I saw my GP regarding wheeziness keeping me awake in bed and was given a lung function test and referred to a chest clinic. There the test was repeated and I was diagnosed with borderline Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). (Tragically, my only son Paul, died from this disease at the age of 47.) I then reduced my intake to 2 cigarettes a day. In 2012 I started using an e-cigarette and stopped using tobacco inside one week. I found this quite easy despite being a “hardened smoker.” Many of my friends have also stopped smoking easily. Two weeks ago my GP carried out a further lung function test and was amazed at the results, which were repeated. Since 2010 my breathing had improved from 50% of normal to 80% of normal. This was only 18 months after giving up tobacco in favour of e-cigarettes. (see full open letter)

I’m 67, having smoked 50 years, continuously since I was 16. I have a number of times thought about giving up, but never actually got as far as trying to, until now with my daily consumption of around 30 per day. A couple of years ago, I tried e-cigarettes and found them entirely useless. A couple of months ago I began looking at vaping and vaping kit. On September 9th I had such a kit delivered with some liquid and straight away began putting it to use. I tried several sample flavours from several outlets, whilst I tested, I continued to smoke, but at a greatly reduced rate. I didn’t set myself any firm rules at all. My only plan in mind, was to just see what happened… I settled on a mint flavour, of 18mg, consuming the daily equivalent of around 5 cigarettes per day, which has remained my current consumption so far.The vaping took over completely, to such an extent I smoked no more cigarettes at all. No craving to smoke, no withdrawal symptoms, no issues what so ever and no effort on my part. The vapour kit was what broke my habit, it was for me sufficiently different to cigarettes to work, but at the same time fulfilled my need to continue my smoking habit. I don’t think a look-alike e-cigarette could have worked for me – just not different enough. I knew, with out the slightest doubt what so ever, within just days of beginning vaping that I would stop smoking and that nothing would have made me want to start again. My new habit, is costing me just pence per week, versus the £70 to £90 I was spending and I am fairly certain my new habit will be much easier to give up than the cigarettes.

In one year I have gone from 60+ a day roll ups to zero nicotine. on my own! My choice, My decision and yet there are those that wish to take this away from me. Why? It obviously works and works Well. I have probably helped somewhere close to 50 others also stop smoking completely and are vaping only, Just from my example and helping them with info. So that is now 51 people that no longer smoke, 51 people that will have Less affect on the NHS, 51 people that will spend less time off sick in their later working years, 51 families and friends that will no longer breathe in second hand smoke.

In 5 days (the 25th sept) I will have been tobacco free for 2 years, I smoked for over 40 years & had given up giving up … that is until I tried an ecig. I stopped smoking within 24hrs, I now feel fitter my bank account is noticeably fitter, It’s like I turned the clock back 20 years. But then public health people are not really interested in people like me because I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I am 48 now and have been tobacco free for more than two years, with only 3 one day lapses, one of which was last week. Tobacco use has been a way of life and experience has shown I will never be free from the desire having quit for more than 12 months 3 times in the past. Vaping has freed me form the terror of tobacco, with out it I will revert sooner or later.

I quit cold turkey and started vaping in May of 2014 after smoking ciggs for almost 38 yrs. While on ciggs I had experience bouts of bronchitis yearly, sometimes twice a year. Last bout turned into pneumonia. 3 months later I quit smoking and got the vape. My smokers cough was gone in 4 days of using just a vape with 18 percent nicotine. Fast forward, my breathing was completely normal for the first time in 6 or more years. I had more energy and NEVER wanted a cigg. 19 mos after I quit smoking I had a car accident (woman pulled out in front of me) and I had bruising from the seat belt so ER did a chest ex ray. That’s when they found the walnut size mass in my lung. Told me to get it checked out. Well that led to CT scan, lung specialist, PET scan. PET scan lit up a small part of the tumor, so biopsy followed. They found out I have a very rare form of cancer. A type of small cell carcinoma (only 2 percent get it) from smoking. Slow moving type of cancer. It’s contained and will have surgery to remove it in just a few days. No treatments afterwards. I will be cancer free. It was caught very, very early, thanks to my car accident. I hope that after my lung heals that I can go back to vaping. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience with lung surgery and did they continue to vape after lung healed. CT scan showed my lungs were clear except for the tumor of course. I had absolutely NO SYMPTOMS that I had lung cancer. NONE. Please get a lung cancer screening, even if you quit smoking. You can feel great and still have a time bomb growing in your lungs from smoking. I’m proof of it. Any feedback after lung surgery and vaping would be appreciated. TYVM!

I will not pretend to be an academic, but all I can state is my own truth. After 47 years f smoking (apart from my two last 6 months of pregnancy) I finally feel alive again. Everyone I meet says I look 10 years younger. I feel so amazingly healthy now just after 3 months of vaping, the first two months I still smoked 3-5 cigarettes a day, but now I have no desire for them. I can comfortably walk for an hour whereas before 5 mins was my maximum. I suffered and was phama drugged fr 30 years with panic attacks and now they have virtually disappeared. It was the cigarettes and the awful chemicals in them that were causing this problem. Now I am Free!! I defy anyone to take this away from me…….

Having finally quit smoking after 20 years and trying everything from the useless gum to the black pit of despair and rage that is Champix, it is heartbreaking that the one thing that really works for me is being attacked and threatened by powerful officials whose job is supposed to be about helping me. It’s like I have been trapped in a burning building and have just burst out of the fire exit, taken a gasp of clean air and then run straight into a fireman who tells me “I’m afraid you’ll have to go back inside sir, this fire exit hasn’t been properly tested yet

I was a smoker for 39 years. When I first quit I was using nicotine lozenges but found that I could not reduce the amount of lozenges I need per day. After 2 years of using them they began to have a negative effect on my teeth. My tooth enamel was wearing away and it caused the loss of several teeth. Faced with this I knew I had to give the lozenges up but also knew I was still addicted to nicotine. The last thing I wanted to do was go back to cigarettes so I decided to try e-cigs. I must say that they are working!! No issues with my teeth and most importantly I have not returned to cigarettes.

In my life, I have seen how vaping has taken people away from smoking. I am a smoker that smoked for 50 years, determined never to stop and now, accidentally, a vaper. I promote it all the time. I know my experiences are only “anecdotes” and are not science, but they do not bear out what I am told by our rulers – NICE,BMA,BMJ etc.

Suffering from anxiety over issues of debates to ban vaping or regulate it. My husband is an over 50 year smoker, been coughing, getting lots of flu like symptoms. He was put on Champix which make him very ill and sick, so suddenly started smoking more when he stopped these tablets. However, since the 6th March started vaping and never touched a cigarette since. I am glad e-cigs are here and glad for there invention. They are only moaning about the nicotine, yet Cancer Research have stated that a cigarette has 4000 poisons that are harmful and nicotine wasn’t the problem. E cigs should have more support because it seems that nicotine patches and gum really have proved not to be 100% successful, why try to stop the next best thing on the market.

I was a smoker for 30-35 years, I tried an e-cig & my tobacco consumption dropped to 1/4 in the first week, I bought a second e-cig & I found no time to smoke.That was 6 months ago & I’ve not touched a cigarette since. I’m now mixing my own e-liquids and even though I’m not working, I have found the money saved allows me to buy gifts for my family,fuel for my car,pay the bills etc.

I never wanted to quit smoking. I was a cancer epidemiologist who taught students about smoking and lung cancer and still continued to smoke. I knew the risks but I enjoyed smoking, collecting lighters (especially Zippos), the ritual of transferring cigarettes into a nice case before going out, the maintenance of my petrol lighters, having something to do with my hands when nervous, and the pleasure of a long draw on the cigarette itself. There were also things I didn’t like about smoking; namely no longer being able to smoke in pubs or at social events, having to go out in the cold and wet, the waste of money, having my breath and clothes smell and the probability that it would harm my health.
Vaping gives me all the things I enjoyed without any of the things I didn’t like. In the long term vaping may have adverse consequences on my health, but the cumulative evidence to date suggests this will be considerably less harmful than continuing to smoke.

im a hopless long term heavy smoker, i was smoking 20, to 40 a day plus a pack of 12.5mg gv baccy if i was drinking at the same time, im now classed as a non smoker and i cant stand the smell of smokes any more, i haven’t touched a real smoke for over 2 years now and i owe it all to ecigs and the best thing is my dad who had smoked all my life is on ecigs as well and my best freind is also on them. we all started at 36 mg nicotine liquid on inadequite cig a like devices and now we are all sporting big mods with at least vivi nova tanks and were cutting down our nicotine intake eg im on 24 mg now and thinking of going lower soon. the best thing is we dont harm people around us and the harm to our selves is very much greatly reduced so i can enjoy my ecig and my gummi bear flavour im 30 year old and my dad is like 50 odd and he likes the candy floss flavour so older people like the flavours that people try to say are aimed at kids… i just ordered more gummi bear flavour 24mg :) i felt guilty smoking but im glad i switched i can do guilt free vaping at pennys a day (i use between 4 to 6 milli litres a day at 24 mg strength)… it has saved my life i can taste food better and i dont get short of breath like when i smoked, istarted smoking at 13, im also getting a lot less chest pains that have plagued me for years :)

My wife & I quit smoking 1st Jan 2014 – cold turkey style, & for health reasons (we didn’t exactly want to). By day three, I was crawling the walls – as was she. We got into vaping through the advice of a good friend. I find it to be every bit as pleasurable as smoking &, being weak willed, I can’t think of another way I’d have stayed ‘quit’ for this long. I feel better for stopping smoking & my sense of smell has improved greatly: after a week of quitting, I noticed how much my car stank of stale smoke, it was horrible! It really gets my back up – the fact that whenever a new idea materialises which offers a viable – often better alternative to a accepted norm, an ogre with vested interests & political pull, comes to shut it down. That said, it’s nice to see cracks appearing, opinions changing & lies being exposed, with this particular battle. It’s been 44 days since I quit smoking. I do not intend, nor desire to go back to it, thanks to vaping products. Your open-mindedness to these innovations is commendable, Louise. Thank you for contributing to the improvement of public health.

I switched to vaping nearly a year ago, having smoked for about 45 years! As I’m quite technically minded and internet-savvy, I was able to do this with the help of the various forums and shopping sites out there. I know many older people wouldn’t be able (or willing) to do this, and would benefit from a local support service to help them switch.

Vaping has probably saved my wife’s and my own life’s, I a smoker for 50 years, nothing I have ever tried has had the impact of vaping, this alone was the only thing that saved me, how can governments legislate against something that is saving so many peoples life’s.

I was a smoker for over 35 years and tried quitting many times using patches, gum, mouth spray, inhalators and pills. Nothing worked for me. In March 2013, I had a heart attack. After having angioplasty and a stent fitted, I was told that if I didn’t stop smoking, I could be dead within a year. Once again, I was given patches and a nasal spray. I only managed to stay off the cigarettes for a few weeks, the whole time was awful. I still had terrible cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Three weeks ago, I bought myself an e-cig. I started using it that very night, and three weeks later, I’m still off the real cigarettes. What’s more, I have no cravings or withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. My breathing has already improved vastly. I can now walk further and faster without getting out of breath. I’m so glad I made the switch to e-cigs. I know that I’ll never smoke a real cigarette again.

I’m a new “vaper” (3 weeks now) and these devices have given me hope – at last! – that I might eventually kick my tobacco habit of over 40 years. Already I’ve reduced from over 30 a day to around 10 a day – and its been easy. I don’t have that sense of panic and deprivation that has always hit me when I’ve tried to cut down before, using NRTs prescribed by my GP (at substantial cost to taxpayers!) that just don’t do the trick for me. I know that e-cigarettes may not be COMPLETELY safe, but I have read a LOT about the research that has been done and am completely certain that they are many times safer than tobacco cigarettes! And what, in this life, can we say is COMPLETELY safe anyway? I don’t think the licensed NRTs (or any other drug prescribed for me by my doctor) can claim to be completely safe. I go out and breathe car fumes every day – and I know that’s not good for me. I drink alcohol, I eat “ready meals” containing additives, I eat fruit and veg that have been sprayed with toxins, I cross the road, etc. Life is not completely safe – and I would not want it to be! But I WOULD like to stop doing something that I know will shorten my life and probably in a very nasty way….i.e. I want to stop smoking tobacco – before I get full-blown COPD, for preference.

At a personal level, I have to hope – against hope – that I will not be forced back into being a 30+ a day smoker. Started experimenting with cigarettes at school – wanted to look “cool” and was not really aware of how harmful they were (it was 1960s). But consumption rose dramatically to around a pack a day when I was around 18 and at university – oh, the stress of those exams! Then gradually crept up over the years – always increasing after every failed QUIT attempt. Tried all the NRTs – none of them worked for me. After more than 40 years of heavy smoking, I had given up trying to give up. Then, 4 weeks ago, tried my first e-cigarette. Amazed – able to cut down by 50% overnight. Now down by 66%, to just half a pack a day. And not struggling with it. So hopeful now that I will be able to get off tobacco completely over the next couple of months. Maybe the New Year Resolution I used to make every year – to stop smoking – will actually come true next year!!  Please, please, please, tobacco control authorities everywhere – don’t take this lifeline away from us!

I smoked for 45 years and tried every NRT product available, none of them worked. I continued to smoke even though my health was getting worse, resulting in COPD and using oxygen daily. September 2011 I discovered e-cigarettes and they worked. It was like someone handed me a miracle. In less than a week I stopped using regular cigarettes. I haven’t had a tobacco cigarette since. I wish the MP’s and MEP’s would understand how much e-cigarettes have helped thousands of people just like me.

I am not involved in the ecig industry at all, except as a user of ecigs who’s now managed 6 months without smoking tobacco and who’s converted several other people to ecigs. I haven’t felt this good since my teens (and that was a looong time ago).

At the beginning of this year I purchased an “e-cigarette” as a replacement for tobacco burning cigarettes!
As well as, i am sure, the risk to my health is lessened, i find “VAPING” a much more socially acceptable method of tobacco usage, I dont cough as much, I can breathe a lot better, I dont spread second hand smoke to my 10 grandchildren, or anyone! and I dont get smelly clothes! I enjoy Vaping and have not had a cigarette since i bought my e-cigarette but i can still enjoy the tobacco, in as it is a much safer delivery system, and i can cut down the amount of nicotine,until eventually no nicotine whatever.

My experience is that a lot of what a smoker does is down to habit!, make a coffee, light a cigarette!, get in the car light a cigarette! eat a meal finish with a cigarette! however with my e-cigarette that habit is not a problem, and the flavours make the experience a lot more enjoyable!! The loss of use of these products would be a bad thing for me, as I do not want to restart using conventional fire burning cigarettes, with all their obvious possible dangers to my health

Last year i was diagnosed with COPD a result of 40 years cigarette smoking. My lung function test was appauling. I was distraught of course who wouldnt be, smoking had been my enjoyment, so i was unhappy at the thought of stopping. On the way home we stopped to do some shopping and I spotted the ECIG i prompty bought a kit (2 ecigs) one for me one for hubby. As smokers of 40 cigs per day EACH we were thinking if this works and gets us to kick that habit it will be a miracle. MIRACLES happen, we never touched a cig since and that was july 2nd 2012. Now i recently was tested and my lung capacity on 3 tests were improved by 10%, 10% and 11% so who the heck can tell me they are harming anyone ??? they have improved my lung function dramatically.

My father died a horrible death of lung cancer and so did my uncle. I am 52 and was smoking up to 50 cigaretes a day. My lungs were so bad I expected to develop lung cancer at any moment. I messed around with a couple of E cigs and they did not work almost going to abandon it and Found the E-VIC. Incredible results. Just stopped cigarettes dead and have not touched one since I had it. Can ran up the stairs, the house is cleaner and I feel fitter. No craving for one even when I got a letter through the post today to say I have had an abnormal Mammogram and I have to go to the Hospital at 9am Monday. The Irony of it …….

I am quite new to vaping,and i have to say it is the best way i have found to give up the dreaded cigarettes,and i have tried almost everything on the market before.I had not realized how controversial the ecig has become,i thought that all the people in power etc would have been praising these products that is really doing an absolute brilliant job to eventually rid us of smoking, isnt this what everyone wanted including us smokers too.

I used to smoke about 40 cigarettes a day and did that for almost 30 years. I have been using e-cigs for 10 months and am feeling very much healthier and am also saving around £400 each month. I can’t see how the governments of this world can effectively ban e-cigs by using legislation and keep any credibility. I’m no scientist ( i’m a joiner ) but from what i have read most experts in this field say e-cigs are a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco.  The very fact that they are trying to legislate/ban e-cigs , in my opinion, makes them no better than murdering, drug dealing gangsters fighting to keep their profit margins up.

Hi I’m 58 have been smoking since I was 11 I have severe osteo arthritis in both hips nothing to do with smoking but I am on a large dose of morphine for the pain the side effects of this is you tend to fall asleep while just sitting any time of the day which is no good whilst holding a lit cigarette I have been vapeing now for the last five weeks started on a tornado and worked my way upto a vape pro so the most damage I can do now is break s toe so using an ecig has probably stopped me setting fire to myself

im a 64 year old senior citizen who has smoked since i was 18. because of this habit i encountered COPD. my asthama, was getting worse. i was given a home care giver because i could go 15 steps without huffing and puffing. my care giver sharon graham showed me her tornado t e cigarette. i even tried it. id made up my mind that i was finished with smoking with all the chemicals and not breathing. i went on line and bought my own e cig. its been over 3 1/2 years that i have never touched a regular cig. my doctor says that he has seen a really big change in my lungs and breathing. he told me if i hadnt have stopped the regular cig i would have most likely died. my mothe died at 54 with the same disease. if she had the e cig im sure she would still be alive today. thankyou totally wicked. im alive today because i feel i made the right choice.

As a realist, I always knew that smoking tobacco was bad for my health, but I also accepted that I didn’t really want to give it up. Even if I had decided to give up, nicotine patches, gums and sprays were never going to be the answer. So e-cigs have proved to be the perfect solution: I get the nicotine delivered in a form I enjoy using, and as a DIY user, it has become something of a hobby.

I have been smoking -2 packs a day- for 33 years. I’ve tried to stop smoking several times, following several methods, without any success.
3 years ago i’ve switched to electronic cigarettes. Since that day i’ve stopped smoking the real thing. Plain simple and -yes- that easy.
Now i can climb stairs without starting to gasp, i have discovered again a Whole world of odors and tastes, and recent lungs’ x-rays show a clear improvement of my health over previous clinical examinations. And, last but not least, my chances of getting lung cancer are decreasing as time goes by. Why are they trying to make all this more difficult to achieve?

I have COPD, diagnosed 7 years ago after 40 years of smoking. I have been using e-cigarettes for over 3 years now. Every year I undergo lung function tests to check the progress of my COPD and there has been no deterioration of my condition during this time. The test results have remained static. A recent CAT scan revealed no ‘nasties’ in my lungs. Had I continued to smoke tobacco I doubt the result would be the same.

I too had been smoking since I was 12 years old and I’m now 43 and started vaping 5 months ago and I love it! I cannot stress that more. Everyone I know has said they never ever thought I would give up and thanks to my e-cig I have proved them all wrong. AND have managed to help lots of other friends quit too in the process by recommending the e-cigs. I have no intention of giving up and my aim is to have zero nicotine ones but I shall always use them because I loved smoking despite its obvious health issues. I don’t understand all the government bull but I’m guessing its all about money and stupid red tape. I thought they’d encourage people to find alternatives to tobacco but no. I support & will do all I can to help to keep things exactly as they are.

i also smoked for 40 years+, but then tried a ecig also from Totally Wicked, i am pleased to say that i have not had or wanted a a cigarette now for 3 years and 10 days, but i want to stree that if this stupid ruling comes to pass, then i know i will return to cigarettes, that is after i have used up my stock pile of e-liquid etc, which should last me a good few years yet i would also like to add, that both my doctor and the whole surgery fully support the use of ecigs after i should them to them, and they have now had several other patients give up smoking by using ecig, for whom patches etc did not work for them

after 54 years of smoking and having tried every thing the nhs have given me to kick my habit I have failed. I have now packed up smoking now for 15 months thanks to electronic cigarettes & so please don’t ban them they can help 1000s of us get of the killing cigaretts YES BAN THE REAL THING

I smoked for 29 years. Tried many, many times to give up using the usual over the counter remedies but because I actually enjoy smoking nothing worked for me. In November of 2012 for the hell of it I ordered an e-cigarette kit online, and from the moment of my first vape I haven’t touched a real cigarette since. Indeed, the packet of rolling tobacco I was using at the time still lies, half used, beside me on my desk. I am, and continue to be amazed just how painless this switch has been. So, imagine I and my girlfriend’s feelings, having so recently found a way we can both give up the weed forever, to discover that this incredibly poor directive is threatening to make it virtually impossible for us to get nicotine juice in the levels we need to make the switch worthwhile. There can be absolutely no doubt, that if it goes through we will definitely go back to smoking cigarettes if we can’t get quality nicotine juice to continue vaping.

Of course, these are a tiny fraction of those committing their experience – I think usually hoping that others will experience the same or simple out of excitement about the change they’ve experienced. Nor do I think this is worthless evidence just because it isn’t a randomised controlled trial – I take it as part of the evidential picture. And I like reading them! See more at:

If you are trying to stop toxic smoke entering your lungs, try vaping and let me wish you GOOD LUCK! You are most definitely not alone…!

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  1. ive been quick smoking for a little over two years and have been vaping i do feel a lot better , but here in the last couple of weeks i have had these smothering spells and have to go for a copd test in jan i do enjoy vaping and dont plan to quit does anyone know any sites i can go to get furter information on vaping and the long term affects?

  2. Danielle, thanks for posting this experience – and very best of luck with the surgery. You are right that the risk doesn’t go away when you stop smoking if you’ve smoked for several decades, but it does stop increasing. The most important thing is to stay off smoking, but if you think you can quit vaping too – and not go back to smoking – it’s probably worth avoiding all the risks you can.


  3. Has any one experienced any issues with their lungs or one of their lungs hurting or feeling like there is pressure or heaviness in it from vaping? If so, any ideas what it is? Thanks

    1. I was just on twitter as noticed Clive’s tweet Kevin, and as a result your question. I am an avid vaper/advocate and believe fully in the harm reduction benefits for smokers through the use of portable personal vaporizers. I started vaping September 2013 ( 7 months after being diagnosed with late stage emphysema and a spot growing on one of my lungs) I did not expect that I would never smoke again since my first try but that has been the case…. thankfully.

      Since then one of the major aspect of my own advocacy and sharing what I know eith others has been directly linked to my own health issues and have shared my finding with many who expressed concerns such as yours. Firstly I would encourage you to have your lungs tested as this is why my own late stage took foothold. I waited too long before actually seeing a doctor. I ended up in emergency because I had somehow caught pneumonia and let it go to the point of having to be hospitalized. I have discovered since many others are not aware they actually do have misdiagnosed health concerns.

      Propolene Glycol – Glycerine ratio in the E-liquid you are vaping. For me this is s serious area of concern. The first couple of years of vaping 70% PG to 30% VG was the standard ratio that I once used in my preferred liquid. However over time as my Emphysema progress I noticed I was having shortness of breathe quite often so I started trying other ratio’s to see if there was any substantial changes. There certainly was. To keep this short I have over the past year my safe vaping ratio’s on PG – VG has gone from 70% PG Then 80% PG and now at 90% PG to VG ratio in order for me to not experience further breathing issues. I am on oxygen now and still vape but not near as much as I first did. I felt compelled to respond to your question Kevin and I do hope this help you in your own experience. Please get you lungs checked though. Perhaps you have other COPD related issues you may not be aware of. Best of luck.

      Clive, this is a wonderful collection of testimoniues. Thank you for sharing them.

      1. Thank you. For all the people out there who are silly enough to even begin thinking that vaping is dangerous or more dangerous than smoking this is my testimony.
        I stopped smoking 3 months ago. I was never a heavy smoker (started at 16 and stopped at 29) , I never exceeded 8 or 9 per day but my GOD the difference even with that side switching to logic vapes. I gave up for my partner.

        The benefits I felt:
        The smell .. wow the smell was gone I loved it.
        My taste and smell improved
        My lungs felt clearer
        I woke up feeling energetic and fresh
        I could do more exercise than usual
        My skin brightened
        A cold no longer turned into a chest infection
        Less aches and pains
        Stronger immune system
        Cuts and bruises heal faster
        No more dark circles under my eyes
        My blood Oxygen levels stay between 99 and 100% (previously 96-97)
        My resting heart rate has dropped from 86bpm to 68bpm
        My blood pressure lowered from 128/89 to 117/78
        No more coughing up phlegm in the mornings

        Vaping with logic has had no adverse effect on my health in the short term absent doctor has commended the permanent switch

        Full blood count done 2 months before quitting. Inflammatory markers were at 6 points (5 or less is healthy) I am now at 3 points
        White blood cell count down 43%
        Blood viscosity has thinned by 12%

        ***Free radical toxin level has dimished by 96%
        *** carbon monoxide in blood before quitting was detected and none is present now

        Do the switch and feel it. I am lucky to be able to quit so young and before I develop worsening issues from smoking.

  4. The very best wishes to you all this Christmas your testimonials regards cigarettes verse Vaping are truly uplifting thank you for your truthfulness and vape on towards a new life of freedom from the big farmers weed market aimed at millions more like us Happy Christmas everyone ☺?

  5. This is such an encouraging read, and the comments are so helpful.
    I want to share tips, tricks and some psychology behind the smoking habit.
    I still carry an empty pack of cigarettes with me.
    I put my vapor suorin teardrop in the box, and I put a lighter in it too. I keep the rituals involved with smoking cigarettes, but without cigarettes.
    I keep paraphernalia on my habit table. I would sit for hours on my patio, smoking cigarettes, watching tv, while playing mini games on my tablet.
    I still do the same rituals. I fire up my lighter, hold the teardop vape in my hand, puff and play games. Same habits but they are healthier.
    All of my paraphernalia sits AT my left hand on the table. And when I run out of the house, my cigarette box goes into
    My pocket, just like before. I smoked since 13, now I’m 40…that’s 27 years. ! Btw, I burn a bay leaf with that lighter. It calms the anxiety and stress. My 18 milligram will drop down when I’m good and ready…at least I’m not smoking! Peach mixed with watermelon is pretty good! Good luck all. We’re doing it! Healthier.

  6. Kids my butt. I need stealth at work and this is almost perfect. A bit bulky for my skinny wrist, but It’ll do. And we use military time too so that’s cool. I already have a bluetooth earpiece they think is a hearing aid and now I’ll have a vape they think is a watch. My job just became 100x more tolerable.
    Shame about the watch part though. Digital watch circuits are dirt cheap. Encase one in plastic and build a clip around it to hold a pod. A full time on LCD screen takes negligible current. There’s really no excuse for that 1970’s watch component.

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