Tobacco harm reduction explained

I gave an interview recently about nicotine and tobacco harm reduction – you can read it here.  But it’s nothing like as good as Gerry Stimson, one the of the greats of public health, explaining it here on YouTube.  It is a great blend of genuine concern for health, scientific insight and respect for individual choices all embedded in real world understanding of behaviour. He calmly explains how smokeless tobacco or e-cigarettes work as low risk alternatives to smoking cigarettes and why this is a crucial public health strategy.

6 thoughts on “Tobacco harm reduction explained”

  1. Maybe the folks who should have got the message have finally got the message, maybe not. It would be interesting to find out how much has been saved in OHIP payments for smoking related illnesses since so many people have now quit.

  2. Clive,

    Would you have any interest in participating as a speaker or panelist at a Tobacco Harm Reduction conference that we are hosting May 15-17th in Williamsburg, Virginia? How about Gerry, would he participate as well. FDA Deputy Commissioner Spielberg will be leading a large delegation of FDA’s leadership at the Center for Tobacco Products at a conference that will focus on Medicinal and Lifestyle Smoking Cessation Products: What Works Best?


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