The irreducible Stern – limerick contest

Are you tired of trying to understand the 600-page Stern Review (eg. this perplexing graph showing a 13.8% loss of GDP in 193 years from now!)? Luckily, the government’s finest minds are rumoured to be preparing a simplified version in limerick form. Here’s my effort:

Warming will cost twenty per cent
But stopping it will barely dent
The world’s GDP
Or its security
So it must be money well spent

As must be obvious, poetry was never a strength – and that probably isn’t even a limerick. So I’m sure others can do better… Please submit entries as comments to this blog posting and forward to any talented colleagues. If we get enough, I’ll ask the great man himself to judge. Haiku also accepted.

3 thoughts on “The irreducible Stern – limerick contest”

  1. There was a wise fellow called Stern

    Who said, “Look, this planet will burn!

    Worldwide consultation

    And more insulation

    Will give a financial return!”

  2. Kbilly72, thanks for bringing this up… it’s a really important paper… active link here.

    I think this should be simplified and read by every decision-maker because it paints a picture with great credibility that is far worse than the IPCC Summary for Policymakers, which I and others have criticised for having so much caution it is basically misleading in the direction of complacency – see posting.

    This paper deals with ‘feedbacks’ ie. where warming triggers more greenhouse gas emissions from natural sources – something we cannot control once it starts and processes that are unstoppable…

    “Recent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions place the Earth perilously close to dramatic climate change that could run out of our control, with great dangers for humans and other creatures”


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