Psychoactive Podcast: The E-cigarette revolution – vaping, nicotine and harm reduction

I had an excellent conversation with Ethan Nadelmann, the founder of the New York-based Drug Policy Alliance for his outstanding Psychoactive podcast series about all aspects of drugs and drugs policy, which I highly recommend.

In this episode, “The E-cigarette revolution”, we covered vaping, nicotine, harm reduction – science, policy, politics and controversy – with Ethan as host putting the challenging questions.   Listen via your usual podcast provider (search on Psychoactive)… or via these links.

2 thoughts on “Psychoactive Podcast: The E-cigarette revolution – vaping, nicotine and harm reduction”

  1. Many thanks for the link, I found it a quite engrossing interview.
    As a heavy smoker of many years standing I have benefitted greatly from the advent of vaping, as no other substitute worked for me. Haven’t smoked a single cigarette in the five years since I happened upon a web page about “stopping without suffering”. And so it has proved to be.
    What I did not expect was the almost religious backlash against that concept, from the “moral minority” in my social circle.

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