Papers & Letters: 2024

Vaping Products Duty consultation

May 2024: United Kingdom
Consultation Response
The UK's proposed vape tax is an annual £1,000 tax on quitting smoking - it makes no sense.

Comments on the Tobacco and Vapes Bill – New Nicotine Alliance

May 2024: United Kingdom
A submission to the UK Parliament highlighting the flaws in the Tobacco and Vapes Bill.

Australia Senate inquiry – new anti-vaping legislation

April 2024 Australia
Consultation response
My response to a consultation on new legislation that would impose even stricter restrictions on access to vapes in Australia, aggravating the malign effects of an already disastrous prohibition.

Policymakers must recognise that smoking and vaping are substitutes

April 2024: Spain
Consultation response
I set out reasons why the government of Spain needs to reconsider its anti-vaping measures and recognise the beneficial interaction between smoking and vaping.

Flanking measures for tobacco product standards

April 2024: United States
16 experts call for supportive flanking policies to improve the impact of forthcoming US tobacco product standards

Letter criticising UK Tobacco and Vapes Bill Impact Assessment

April 2024: United Kingdom
New Nicotine Alliance letter to the Regulatory Policy Committee.

Tobacco control’s nervous breakdown

March 2024: Global
Magazine article
The disruptive effects of innovation on industry, consumers, regulators and anti-tobacco activists

Response to Brazil’s proposed vape prohibition

February 2024: Brazil
Consultation response
Response to the Brazilian regulator's proposal for a prohibition of vapes and heated tobacco products

Commentary on FCTC COP10 papers – side-by-side

February 2024: WHO / Global
Analysis of official papers for FCTC COP-10 held 5-10 February 2024 in Panama.

Rethinking Nicotine – an interview

January 2024: Global
An interview covering my views on the past present and future of recreational nicotine

Four evidence briefs for tobacco harm reduction

January 2024: Global
Four evidence briefs covering vaping safety, switching, youth and policy
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