Papers & Letters: 2023

Response to UK tobacco and nicotine consultation

December 2023: United Kingdom
Consultation repsonse
My response to the UK consultation on measures to control smoking and youth vaping

Advice to delegates attending FCTC COP-10

September 2023: WHO / Global
Magazine Article
Article providing five-part advice to officials attending FCTC COP-10. Senior officials should approach COP10 with scepticism but not cynicism, with clarity about their national goals and with some tough questions about trade-offs, unintended consequences and evidence.

Critique of South Africa’s draft tobacco control legislation

August 2023: South Africa
Consultation response
A critical appraisal of South Africa’s draft tobacco control legislation by Clive Bates, David Abrams, Ray Niaura and David Sweanor.

Priorities for European Union regulation

July 2023: European Union
Consultation response
Write-up of European THR Advocates (ETHRA) input into future EU Tobacco Product Directive for the European Commission. Damian Sweeney and I were interviewed by Open Evidence.

US strategy on smoking cessation

July 2023: United States / Global
Consultation response
The US Department of Health and Human Services is consulting on a new national smoking cessation framework. David Sweanor and I responded, making the case for tobacco harm reduction as the game-changing strategy.

The case for tobacco harm reduction

July 2023: Macedonia
Magazine article
Interview on the essentials of tobacco harm reduction: Клајв Бејтс: Алтернативите без чад имаат далеку помалку токсини од класичните цигари, Republika

Background on tobacco harm reduction for the US Supreme Court

June 2023: United States
Legal filing
The brief of amici curiae is filed in support of the Petition for writ of certiorari to the US Supreme Court made by Avail Vapor (a request for the Court to hear the substantive case). It covers seven main scientific arguments pertinent to the petition. Signed by David Abrams, Scott Ballin, Clive Bates, Martin Jarvis, Tom Miller, Ray Niaura, Steve Schroeder and David Sweanor.

Overview of the problems with US federal nicotine regulation

June 2023: United States
his briefing gives an overview of the main problems with the US FDA’s approach to tobacco and nicotine: Briefing: FDA’s approach to tobacco and nicotine – a critical perspective

How the tobacco industry should accelerate its transformation

June 2023: Global
Magazine article
I make eight proposals for the tobacco industry to expedite its exit from the cigarette business and into smoke-free nicotine products.

FDA’s approach to regulatory strategy

May 2023: United States
24 public health experts respond to the Reagan-Udall Foundation evaluation of FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products and its policymaking and practice.

Rethinking nicotine the place of nicotine in society

April 2023: Global
Magazine Article
I make the case that tobacco harm reduction is an interim phase contingent on the great harm caused by cigarettes. To see clearly where we are heading in the longer term, we need to rethink nicotine as a recreational drug with relatively low levels of harm.

The case for tobacco harm reduction in Spain

February 2023: Spain
Press release: International experts reject vetoes and censorship and call for an open debate based on science to combat smoking in Spain.

What is bad nicotine science, and why is there so much of it?

January 2023: Global
Magazine Article
There are distinct patterns repeated in the literature, including poor methodology, poor interpretation of results and, almost always, poor extrapolation from findings to policy. There are obvious biases and sometimes near-comical desperation to find fault in reduced-risk products. I provide a list of some of the most common flaws.

Evaluating and reviewing New Zealand’s ‘endgame’ legislation

January 2023: New Zealand
Consultation response
New Zealand plans extremely ambitious or reckless new laws, but has no plan to evaluate the impact. This is a short response to a Ministry of Health consultation on the proposed Smoking Tobacco Regime.
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