Papers & Letters: 2022

The misguided attacks on tobacco industry transformation

May 2022: United States
Magazine Article
Fighting the wrong war. My piece in Tobacco Reporter on the counterproductive conflict between tobacco…

Brazil consults on lifting its vape ban

May 2022: Brazil
Consultation Response
Response to ANVISA consultation of lifting the vaping prohibition. Brazil’s public health agency, ANVISA, has…

Analysis of the Canadian legislative framework

April 2022: Canada
Consultation Response
Response to Canadian Legislative Review of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act. Canadian tobacco control…

Twenty proposals to meet England’s smoke-free 2030 target

March 2022: England
Consultation Response
Submission to Independent Review of Tobacco Policy in England. This is the New Nicotine Alliance…

Why Scotland would be wrong to ban vape advertising

March 2022: Scotland
Consultation Response
Submission to Scottish Government review of advertising and promotion of safer nicotine products.
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