Papers & Letters: 2019

Letter and briefing from Iowa Attorney general, Tom Miller, to US Health and Human Services Secretary., Alex Azar II

July 2019: United States
We are concerned that excessively expensive, time-consuming, and burdensome regulation is about to kill off…

Letter to South China Morning Post

April 2019: Hong Kong
How Hong Kong vaping ban could hurt tobacco smokers who want to quit with Carrie Wade.

Letter to Dutch politicians on hostile policies to e-cigarettes

March 2019: Netherlands
I signed on to a letter organised by Dr Lynne Dawkins to Mrs Helma Lodders,…

Submission on youth vaping data – and the importance of not over-reacting

March 2019: Canada
Consultation Response
Conclusion. Headline increases in youth vaping prevalence demand a nuanced analysis that makes meaningful distinctions…

Briefing note: harmful unintended consequences of excessive regulation

February 2019: Global
My checklist of possible adverse consequences of regulation:  Plausible unintended consequences of excessive regulation of low-risk nicotine products.
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