Papers & Letters: 2018

Letter from Iowa Attorney General Miller to Scott Gottlieb, FDA.

November 2018: United States
Letter from Iowa Attorney General Miller to Scott Gottlieb, FDA. Re: Youth tobacco and nicotine use – proportionate and responsible reaction.

Letter to WHO Director-General from 72 scientists and policy experts

October 2018: Global/WHO
Letter – Innovation in tobacco control: developing the FCTC to embrace tobacco harm reduction.

Letter to WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. 

September 2018: Global/WHO
In advance of FCTC COP-8, Abrams, Bates, Niaura & Sweanor write to the WHO Director-General to implore the organisation to stop promoting vaping prohibition and excessive regulation. All they are doing is protecting the cigarette trade.

Comments on South Africa draft Tobacco Bill

August 2018: South Africa
David Abrams, Ray Niaura, David Sweanor and I have submitted comments on the draft tobacco and vaping legislation under discussion in South Africa. We argue that the legislation is ‘disproportionate’ towards tobacco harm reduction and should be amended to be ‘risk-proportionate’.

Letter to Chief Executive Hong Kong Govt

August 2018: Hong Kong
We write to oppose an ill-conceived and prohibitionist campaign by health organisations to have e-cigarettes and other low-risk products banned in Hong Kong.

Reduced nicotine regulation: responses to FDA’s ANPRM

July 2018
Consultation response
Response to the FDA's advanced notice of proposed rulemaking for a reduced nicotine rule.

Flavors regulation: responses to FDA’s ANPRM

July 2018: United States
Consultation Response
FDA published an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (ANPRM Docket No. FDA-2017-N-6565): Regulation of flavors in tobacco products. I have been involved in two responses.

Submission to Hong Kong Legislative Council Panel on Health Services

June 2018: Hong Kong
A rapid response input to a meeting on 19 June 2018.

Consultation response to WHO High-Level Commision on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

May 2018: Global / WHO
Consultation Response
Submission to the consultation on the Commission’s draft first report from David Abrams, Clive Bates, Ray Niaura and David Sweanor > Response to the consultation.

U.S. data briefing – April update

April 2018: United States
Trends in US teenage and adult smoking – the story in five charts.

U.K. position on snus

March 2018: United Kingdom
The UK Department of Health and Social Care published a ridiculous statement on oral tobacco products attempting to justify its defence of the EU ban on snus to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee inquiry into e-cigarettes.

Iceland e-cigarette legislation

March 2018: Iceland
I submit comments on the main provisions of Iceland’s draft e-cigarette and e-liquid legislation (see the draft legislation in translation). See consultation page for my submission and other submissions (e.g. Brad Rodu)

Swiss Tobacco Products Bill consultation

March 2018: Switzerland
Consultation Response
Eighteen experts (inc. me) submit a 6-page comment on the draft Bill.  Comments focussed mainly on oral tobacco (snus).

Russian parliamentary inquiry

February 2018: Russia
State Duma of the Russian Federation inquiry “Regulation of innovative smoke-free products”.

U.S. litigation amicus briefs

February 2018: United States
Amicus briefs in support of Nicopure and Right to be Smokefree Coalition challenge to FDA deeming rule for e-cigarettes, now before the US Court of Appeal.
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