Papers & Letters: 2017

iQOS Modified Risk Tobacco Product application – comment to FDA

December 2017: United States
Comment on PMI Modified Risk Tobacco Product Application. 17 experts comment to FDA on the case for allowing Philip Morris International to make reduced exposure, reduced risk and reduced harm claims for its iQOS heat-not-burn product.

U.K. parliamentary inquiry into e-cigarettes 

December 2017: United Kingdom
Submission to UK House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee inquiry into e-cigarettes.

Understanding e-cigarette flavors

December 2017: United States
Letter and briefing from Iowa Attorney General, me and others on vape flavours and why a more rigorous approach to evaluating harms and benefits is required in the form of ten questions needed to interrogate the issue.

Israel taxation of heated tobacco products

November 2017: Israel
Follow up to our letters of 8 May and 21 June this year relating to excise policy for low-risk tobacco products.

Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

November 2017: Global
Letter to the Foundation for a Smoke Free World about money, governance, conflicts and Philip Morris International.

Gateway effect science

October 2017: Canada
Scientific paper
Review of a controversial Canadian ‘gateway-effect’ paper.

Key trends in U.S. smoking and vaping

October 2017: United States
Trends in US teenage and adult smoking – the story in five charts. (updated version: see March 2018).

Challenging prohibition in Australia

October 2017: Australia
Two further submissions to the Australian parliamentary inquiry into The Use and Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vaporisers in Australia.

Reducing nicotine in cigarettes – report

October 2017: United States
Reducing nicotine in cigarettes: Challenges and opportunities (PDF) – joint report with Carrie Wade of R Street Institute on the (formidable) challenges of introducing a reduced nicotine rule in the United States, but also a way to use it to advantage. More details plus a 3-minute summary and PowerPoint presentation at the blog: FDA wants to reduce nicotine in cigarettes – what could possibly go wrong (and right)?

Comments on Australian legislative initiative

August 2017: Australia
Submission to Senate Committee on Community Affairs, Comments on draft Vaporised Nicotine Products Bill 2017.

Tax policy in Israel

June 2017: Israel
Follow up letter on tobacco tax policy in Israel to Ministry of Health from Clive Bates, Martin Jarvis, Mark Kleiman,  Sally Satel, Jeff Stier, David Sweanor.  From the covering email:

FDA smokeless NNN standard

July 2017: United States / FDA
Submission by Clive Bates and David Sweanor to FDA consultation on a proposed rule: Tobacco Product Standard for N-nitrosonornicotine (NNN) Level in Finished Smokeless Tobacco Products. Docket: FDA-2016-N-2527 (Our comment Tracking Number: 1k1-8xev-p31g)

Inquiry submission arguing for lifting Australia’s prohibition

July 2017: Australia
Submission to Parliament of Australia, Health, Aged Care and Sport, Inquiry into The Use and Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vaporisers in Australia

The European legal action on snus

June 2017: European Union
Eighteen experts write to European Commissioner about snus and the legal action.

Reforming FDA’s deeming rule for vapor

June 2017: United States / FDA
A package urging FDA to reform its approach to low-risk tobacco and nicotine products.

Israel tax policy for heated tobacco products

May 2017: Israel
Letter on tobacco policy in Israel to Minister of Finance and Director of Tax Authority from Clive Bates, Mark Kleiman, David Levy, Sally Satel, Jeff Stier, David Sweanor. From the covering email:

U.S. regulator on e-cigarettes

May 2017: United States
Forbes article with Sally Satel: Senators’ Letter To FDA Commissioner Gottlieb Perpetuates Misconceptions About E-Cigarettes.

Pressing for open-minded reform in the Czech Republic

April 2017: Czech Republic
Letter to Deputy Minister of Health Czech Republic,Lenka Teska Arnostova, from Clive Bates and Eva Králíková responding to her request for a positive harm reduction agenda, and including the need to reform Tobacco Products Directive asap. In English / Czech language.

Brazil tobacco and nicotine policy

April 2017: Brazil
Submission by Clive Bates and David Sweanor to Brazilian regulator ANVISA on amendments to regulation on tobacco products, making the case for a rational approach to tobacco harm reduction. Submission PDF: Rational tobacco and nicotine policy in Brazil: Response to ANVISA Public Consultation No. 314

Tobacco policy in Taiwan

March 2017: Taiwan
Tobacco Hazards Prevention and Control Act Amendment Bill. Comment on proposed amendment to prohibit e-cigarettes – Submission – PDF

Australia’s medicalisation of vaping

February 2017: Australia
Further comments on the interim decision on a proposal to amend the Poisons Standard Schedule 7 entry for nicotine Submission – PDF

Reshaping American Tobacco Policy

January 2017: United States
Eight federal strategies to fight smoking, promote vaping and ignite a public health revolution Report – PDF
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