Papers & Letters: 2016

Critique of WHO science input to FCTC COP-7

November 2016: Global / WHO
UKCTAS: Commentary on WHO report on Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Electronic Non-Nicotine Delivery Systems.

European Union tobacco tax policy

December 2016: United Kingdom / European Union
Tax briefing: Revision of the Tobacco Excise Directive: Implications for low-risk nicotine products. Response to…

Brexit – what to repeal in the Great Repeal Bill

October 2016: United Kingdon / European Union
Letter to UK Department of Health: Great Repeal Bill – proposal to repeal EU e-cigarette…

Talking points on vaping

October 2016: United States
Vaping and public health – eight talking points. My talking points for meetings in Washington…

Proposed amendments to the Poisons Standard

September 2016: Australia
Consultation response from 40 experts that makes the case for reclassifying nicotine to allow e-liquids…
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