Papers & Letters: 2014

Submission to FDA: Framing issues in evaluating a Modified Risk Tobacco Product application

November 2014: United States / FDA
My views on the many absurdities of the way the US regulator, the FDA, approaches communication of reduced risk to the consumers. See also a submission done jointly with 17 academics. Relates to snus MRTP application.

WHO position on ENDS (e-cigarettes): A critique of the use of science and communication of risk

October 2014: Global / WHO
Analysis of the false and misleading risk communications about e-cigarettes coming from WHO in the run-up to FCTC COP-6.

Brief for House of Commons of Canada Standing Committee on Health

October 2014: Canada
A disruptive public health technology threatened by excessive regulation. See blog: Canadian Dawn – following a positive report by this committee.

Critical commentary on the public comments on the FDA deeming rule submitted by UCSF faculty and fellows

August 2014: United States / FDA
My critique of the multiple submissions to the FDA by Professor Stanton Glantz and his colleagues aiming to create harmful regulation for e-cigarettes. I put the counter case.

Letter to WHO Director General Margaret Chan by 53 scientists and experts

May 2014: Global / WHO
Reducing the toll of death and disease from tobacco – tobacco harm reduction and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Letter makes case for a more balanced approach to tobacco harm reduction. A response and counter response followed.
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