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What is bad nicotine science, and why is there so much of it?

January 2023: Global
Magazine Article
There are distinct patterns repeated in the literature, including poor methodology, poor interpretation of results…

Evaluating and reviewing New Zealand’s ‘endgame’ legislation

January 2023: New Zealand
Consultation response
New Zealand plans extremely ambitious or reckless new laws, but has no plan to evaluate…

Breaking down the argument that flavour cause teenage vaping

December 2022: Global
Magazine Article
The idea that e-cigarette flavors hook kids is simple, compelling—and false. I take aim at…

Challenging academics to stop misrepresenting “EVALI”

December 2022: Global / United States
Cease and desist letter to academic on EVALI. I’ve finally had enough of one of…

The weakness of New Zealand’s ‘endgame’ modelling

November 2022: New Zealand
Scientific paper
An analytical critique of the modelling of New Zealand’s proposed denicotinisation law:
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