Papers & Letters

Comparing observer status: tobacco control versus climate change

June 2016: WHO / global
Comparison of the rules for observers between the WHO Framework Convention of Tobacco Control and…

Letter to Prime Minister: Vaping and the Tobacco Products Directive – follow up to PMQs

May 2016: United Kingdom / European Union
Letter to David Cameron calling for proper impact assessment, monitoring of adverse effects, and review…

Submission to the Department of Health: assessing and mitigating unintended consequences of policies

April 2016: United Kingdom / European Union
Consultation Response
Consultation response on options for the new tobacco control plan. Sets likely unintended consequences of…

Missing the point: a response to Matt Myers’ views on priorities for FDA

April 2016: United States / FDA
Consultation Response
An e-letter in Tobacco Control criticising Myers’ trivial and largely irrelevant criticisms of FDA when…

Interview on harm reduction, e-cigarettes and TPD implementation

April 2016: Interview with me / Slovenia
A good guide to my views! I’m interviewed by Slovenian journalist, Lidija Pavlovčič. See article in Slovenian…
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