Papers & Letters

ETHRA letter to European Health Ministers

June 2024: European Union
Policy letter
ETHRA response to EU member state Health Ministers promoting flavour bans

Realists and Idealists

June 2021: Global
Magazine article
We should celebrate ‘realists’ and beware of ‘idealists.’ Idealists do well in the rhetorical world of goal setting, aspirations and optics while realists do better in the real world. The problem is that the idealists obstruct the realists.

Vaping Products Duty consultation

May 2024: United Kingdom
Consultation Response
The UK's proposed vape tax is an annual £1,000 tax on quitting smoking - it makes no sense.

Comments on the Tobacco and Vapes Bill – New Nicotine Alliance

May 2024: United Kingdom
A submission to the UK Parliament highlighting the flaws in the Tobacco and Vapes Bill.

Australia Senate inquiry – new anti-vaping legislation

April 2024 Australia
Consultation response
My response to a consultation on new legislation that would impose even stricter restrictions on access to vapes in Australia, aggravating the malign effects of an already disastrous prohibition.
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