Commentary on a proposal for taxing ENDS

February 2022: South Africa
Consultation Response

Comments on National Treasury discussion paper on ENDS taxation

Consultation. documentation: here. Treasury discussion paper PDF: here.

Response. Abrams DB, Bates CD, Niaura RS, Sweanor DT, Yach D. Comments on Discussion paper: Taxation of Electronic Nicotine and Non-Nicotine Delivery Systems (Vaping), December 2021. 4 February 2022. [link]

We make the case that:

  • Vaping is much safer than smoking
  • Vaping is useful for quitting smoking and diversion from uptake
  • Vaping is an ‘economic substitute’ for smoking

It follows that vaping is positive for public health and ENDS taxes will tend to increase smoking and do more harm than good.

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