Nuclear fusion

Another solemn cheque-signing [BBC report] and confirmation that, at €10 billion, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (Iter) will be the second most expensive experiment of all time. Fusion scientists are pulling a fast one playing on gullibility and vanity of politicians… in return for hugely expensive and enjoyable research spend they are offering the empty promise of endless energy, allowing us to fill that mental void marked “answer to world’s energy problems” with something looking suitably futuristic. There’s a (lame) joke about fusion and its constantly shifting promise of jam tomorrow: “did you hear that the fusion research programme has discovered a new fundamental physical constant – and it is equal to 40? As in “40 years from now”.

One thought on “Nuclear fusion”

  1. Well by using rebweanle energy, we dont face the dreaded energy gap when our unrebweanle fuels run out! But not just that, it helps the enviroment a great deal. Solar power provides a great source of rebweanle energy, and can even be harnessed on a cloudy day in England . However the amount of energy produced from a solar pannel can be sparse. Tidal power is great as its a good rebweanle source that rely’s on the sun and the moon, It is fairly powerful, however calm seas do not produce as much as stormy seas, therefore it may be hard to place all of these tidal power stations. Uranium, as well as being the best power source for the least amount of fuel, is very dangerous. To dispose of the radiation in the Uranium it must be buried under the ground, and to do that you run the risk of people digging it up and getting either severly hurt or death. Wind power is good, however the cost of the wind turbines is extremely high. Its all good though. So yeah it benefits the future, not sure if this is quite what your lookin for though ah well

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