Innovation for Consumers: E-cigarettes and novel tobacco products – Part of the problem or part of the solution?

My presentation slides to a meeting in the European Parliament organised by Monika Beňová MEP…

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5 thoughts on “Innovation for Consumers: E-cigarettes and novel tobacco products – Part of the problem or part of the solution?”

  1. Stephen Miller

    A very good slideshow and informative for the uninformed. The TPD law was allegedly brought in for safety reasons but they are there for tax reasons to get the money back from the lost revenue from people switching from cigarettes to vaping

  2. Hope the European Parliament and (given Brexit) the UK government listened and understood this time! And that they will make sensible decisions, without being swayed by the potential loss of tax income from tobacco products!

  3. Jonathan Bagley

    The EU’s stance on vaping will only get worse for vapers. I don’t expect any change there, except excise duties, which I assume won’t affect us after we leave. Following the referendum, I thought the UK could scrap the parts of the EU TPD relating to vaping. For example, the 10ml size limit and 20mg/ml strength limit. I have a horrible feeling that, under May’s proposals for a “common rule book”, this will no longer be possible. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we will be in the situation that a UK company, who does no export business, will not be permitted to sell 36mg/ml eliquid in 20ml bottles to a UK customer. This shouldn’t necessarily be inevitable, as the sale of snus is permitted within Sweden. My second question is, will a UK company be permitted to export the above liquid to a non EU country?
    I’ve been searching for the answers to these questions without success. I suspect Boris’ claims that we will be a vassal state may be correct, but neither he nor his fellow Leave advocates will take the trouble to explain the details.
    Clive, you know how the EU works. Are you able to settle this?

  4. Warning labels would be informative if they would be honest. Vaping devices, atomizers, batteries and literally every product sold in vaper shops are labeled as containing nicotine – a substance which is highly addictive. Have you ever seen an atomizer, coils, wire, wicking material, batteries…containing nicotine? I haven’t. Also I bought pure VG in a pharmacy and about a week later in a vaper shop. The bottle from the shop was labeled as potentially harmful to the health of the consumer. The bottle from the pharmacy had no such label. Of course not, it’s nonsense. So, basically Austrian politics decided that whether a product is harmful or not depends on where I buy it and not on it’s ingredients. That shows a level of stupidity or hypocrisy that I haven’t come across in my life. My mother saw the bottle with the label and was deeply worried. Every smoker will feel the same. Why switch to vaping if all the products are potentially harmful and heavily addictive? This labels have nothing to do with protection or information. What they say is a lie and they are there for deterrence only.

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