Evidence briefs for tobacco harm reduction

Here are my new evidence briefs on the scientific and policy considerations for e-cigarettes or vapes and other smoke-free products that support tobacco harm reduction.

I am starting with four evidence briefs to coincide with the COP-10 meeting of the WHO FCTC starting 5th February 2024. It is important that delegates, WHO and Secretariat officials, and observers understand the evidence and think carefully about policymaking. The current versions were published in January 2024, with subsequent updates.

Evidence Brief 1: Vaping is far less harmful than smoking

[PDF][Google Doc]
This briefing provides background and evidence on why vaping and other smoke-free nicotine products are, beyond any reasonable doubt, far safer than smoking. Updated: 1 Feb 2024.

Evidence Brief 2: Vaping displaces smoking

[PDF][Google Doc]
This briefing provides background and evidence on how vaping and other smoke-free products can displace smoking for individuals and the population as a whole.

Evidence Brief 3: Understanding youth use

[PDF][Google Doc]
This briefing provides an analysis of youth use of vaping products, placing it in the context of youth risk behaviours and noting that for some adolescents, vaping will displace smoking.

Evidence Brief 4: Policymaking for novel and emerging products

[PDF][Google Doc]
This briefing discusses the challenges of policymaking for products that are much safer than cigarettes, including trade-offs and unintended consequences. It is all too easy for policymakers to do more harm than good, and we advise a “risk-proportionate” approach to policymaking.

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Please leave suggestions for improvements, additional citations, or new subjects for evidence briefs in the comments.

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