CHEST journal point and counterpoint – E-cigarette use for harm reduction in tobacco use disorder: Yes/No?

A debate about the merits of e-cigarettes for tobacco harm reduction

The September 2021 edition of CHEST, the respiratory journal, features a point/counterpoint debate on the value of e-cigarettes for tobacco harm reduction.  I am making the case in favour (the Point) and Dr Hasmeena Kathuria (Boston University) and Dr Frank T. Leone (University of Pennsylvania) are making the case against (the Counterpoint).  We each provide a shorter rebuttal to the arguments made by the other.  We also recorded a 30-minute podcast to air these arguments face-to-face.  Recognising the broader interest in the subject, CHEST has kindly made this content open access so far.

Whatever you think of the respective arguments, it was refreshing to find a forum willing to air them in a respectful and measured way, I am grateful to Drs Kathuria and Leone for engaging and making their case and to CHEST for providing the platform.  I wish we could have much more debate like this.

For ease of access, I have added the relevant links below.

Point – the case for vaping for tobacco harm reduction

Counterpoint – the case against vaping for tobacco harm reduction

Podcast: E-Cigarettes for Harm Reduction in Tobacco Use

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