More on New England Journal of Medicine fake formaldehyde scandal


On 20 October, I received an enigmatic reply (above) from the Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. This was to my letter from April complaining about the publication of a flawed study on e-cigarettes and formaldehyde in the NEJM. His note didn’t say much, but it was copied to around […]

Regulating disruptive technologies – three papers

In 2013, Goldman Sachs declared e-cigarettes to be a disruptive technology: the search for creative destruction

Eight Disruptive Themes

(1) E-cigarettes: The potential to transform the tobacco industry. Imagine a product that is possibly >99% less harmful than cigarettes, delivers a similar use experience and offers a better economic bargain— this is the proposition […]

Lipstick on a pig: response to consultation on the Tobacco Products Directive

I responded to the Department of Health consultation on implementing the EU Tobacco Products Directive [documents / consultation]. The on-line survey system accessible from the consultation page is by far the easiest way to respond. Closes 3rd September 2015.

To be candid, I find this consultation quite patronising. In the manner of putting lipstick […]

Wales vaping ban: silver lining may be larger than cloud

A war on vaping is a war on the poor

There’s an interesting development in the UK today: the Welsh Government has announced that it will ban vaping in public places and work places where smoking is banned (for reference population of Wales is 3m, UK is 64m). But that’s not the interesting […]

What is wrong with the Tobacco Products Directive for vapour products?

Provisions for vapour products were designed in a political process in haste, in secret, without consultation, with no impact assessment and in the face of opposing scientific advice – and it shows

The European Union directive governing e-cigarette regulation is a catalogue of poorly designed, disproportionate and discriminatory measures that will achieve nothing […]