Ten perverse intellectual contortions: a guide to the sophistry of anti-vaping activists

This puts it nicely:

Life is short and shorter for smokers. Just legalise vaping.

That statement is a plain-speaking and hyper-concise dissenting report from Andrew Laming MP, one of two dissenting reports from Australia’s recently-completed parliamentary inquiry into vaping (The other dissenting report provides a model of clear, concise reasoning too, and, unusually, the […]

Bad science, accountability and courage - speech by AG Tom Miller

Tom Miller: “public policy through facts and science rather than ideology”

On 17 November 2016, the Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, gave a speech at the E-cigarette Summit 2016 (with biography) on e-cigarettes examining the claims of anti-vaping activists, and their scientific, ethical and legal basis. The full text of the […]

Fearless or clueless? Portland researchers defence of their flawed e-cigarette formaldehyde study

“Any idea what this is or what you do with it?“

Readers will recall the letter in the New England Journal of Medicine (22 January 2015) on Hidden Formaldehyde in E-cigarette Aerosol – and its flawed highly misleading calculations of cancer risk that gained worldwide attention. See my various blogs on this scientific […]

More on New England Journal of Medicine fake formaldehyde scandal


On 20 October, I received an enigmatic reply (above) from the Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. This was to my letter from April complaining about the publication of a flawed study on e-cigarettes and formaldehyde in the NEJM. His note didn’t say much, but it was copied to around […]

Flawed e-cigarette formaldehyde paper should be retracted - formal complaint and supporting letter published

Remember this? Our complaint to NEJM and case for retraction is published.