Tobacco Products Directive – what next and what can be done?

Dog’s breakfast: update on the TPD

As the revised Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) draws closer to implementation by 20 May 2016, many are wondering what can be done about this dire piece of legislation – at least as it applies to ‘tobacco harm reduction’: e-cigarettes (Article 20), novel tobacco products (Article 19) and snus […]

Death by paperwork: consultation on EU e-cigarette notification regime

Death by paperwork: no estimate has been made of the damage that paperwork burdens will do

Under the Tobacco Products Directive Article 20(2), e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers or importers will have to notify the authorities of any product they want to place on the market. A low-key (to put it mildly) UK […]

Lipstick on a pig: response to consultation on the Tobacco Products Directive

I responded to the Department of Health consultation on implementing the EU Tobacco Products Directive [documents / consultation]. The on-line survey system accessible from the consultation page is by far the easiest way to respond. Closes 3rd September 2015.

To be candid, I find this consultation quite patronising. In the manner of putting lipstick […]

Fiscal deaths ahead: European Commission wants to tax e-cigarettes

Tumescent tax officials have found something new to tax

What if basic economics tells you that raising a tax on a newer, much safer, product will lead to more consumption of an older much more dangerous product than there would otherwise be? What if the consequence of that tax was to cause more […]

Updated info post: TPD - provisions relating to e-cigarettes

Text below is aligned with the final directive text

Update 20 May 2016. This Directive is implemented in the UK through the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (SI 2016 no. 507)

Updated 22 May 2015. This is the full Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU (PDF) or HTML as published in the […]