Is this a Garden Table of Death?

I’ve just done up my garden, including the purchase of a new garden table. I went to and ordered on-line…. and here it is pictured on-site. I was of course worried that this may be a table made of tropical hardwood – so I took some comfort from the Crocus’ hardwood guarantee, but was I right to?  Continue reading “Is this a Garden Table of Death?”

New Statesman energy supplement – May 2006

My contribution to the NS energy supplement, “Wasting assets“) focussed on energy efficiency starts with the remarkable fact that the internal rate of return on the small investment of £2.50 in replacing a conventional lightbulb with a low energy lightbulb is about 400%. Believe it or not ( and understand how sad that is…) I’ve got this investment case worked out on a spreadsheet.This is part of a wider and much larger case for energy efficiency. Continue reading “New Statesman energy supplement – May 2006”

Climate change in Africa

Christian Aid says that 180 million people likely to die from climate change in Africa by the end of this century – see BBC story But the coverage focuses on mitigation (reducing greenhouse gases) rather than adaptation – which is what will matter most in Africa over the next 50 years. Here’s a map showing where the deaths from climate change are already happening. And it isn’t the USA…