Embarrassingly poor EU policy-making – follow the rules and do a proper job on e-cigarettes

A new proposal? For e-cigs the proposal is now five times the size and completely different to the original (word counts don’t include recitals)

From behind closed doors in Brussels, an utter mess is emerging from the EU on regulation of nicotine containing products such as e-cigarettes. Officials who seem to know very […]

When cancer charities cause cancer, who is responsible?

@Clive_Bates @Threthny @Orionvapes @Hifistud Date of guilty knowledge passed for snus v cigarettes? Should be sued for lives lost?

— Lesley Anna Lawless (@LeeAnnaLawless) October 13, 2013


Saving lives in Sweden, banned by the EU: experts call for change to smokeless tobacco policy

Sweden is a stunning outlier in European Union smoking rates – and the benefits are lower death rates from tobacco-related disease – now and locked in to the future

Spreadsheet data, charts and sources and look at this too.


Environment and conflict in Sudan

I’ve moved to the Sudan… and I’m sitting under a fan in Khartoum writing this… I’ve now been here a couple of weeks and am no longer totally lost. I’ve a new job as the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Representative for Sudan. We hail from UNEP’s Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch, which addresses the links […]

Asking the wrong question – biofuels

I don’t want to do a full scale critique of biofuels – not least because that would be to enter an already crowded field [see Biofuelwatch and Global Subsidies Initiative, for example]. But it’s worth looking at how narrowly-focussed, bottom-up policy-making now means we have somehow put the most financial support into […]