To cap or to tax?

I ended my last post noting some recent critical commentary from the FT and Economist about emissions trading being an inferior approach to a carbon tax. Here they are again….

+ FT – Undercover Economist: Emission impossible 13 April + Economist – Cleaning Up – 31 May + Economist – Business and climate […]

Energy white paper – nuclear muddle continues

On May 23rd we had a new Energy White Paper and a new Planning White Paper. Both part of the government’s efforts to bring forward new nuclear power stations. The new energy policy makes a case for nuclear on energy security and climate change grounds. In fact nuclear dominates the energy white paper […]

Rising emissions – words, deeds and the struggle to come

As one seasoned observer, who must remain anonymous, described Britain’s approach to climate change, “we have the best words in the world“. And, as an example, the Prime Minister’s speeches on climate change really are quite brilliant [example]

So, what is the UK Government doing? We have led the world in setting a bold plan […]

Europe’s renewables target

Just looking at the text of the EU Council Presidency Conclusions from 9 March. The bit about renewables is to the left with some scrawl from me. I’ve already argued that this is a mad way to do policy [Renewables – why is the EU involved?] – it would be more sensible just to set […]

Renewable energy targets – why is the European Union involved?

The European Union has been busy setting out ambitious ideas for energy and climate policy – see Energy for a Changing World, and the climate change and energy announcements made in January. But is it trying to do too much of the wrong thing in trying to determine member states’ approach to renewables? I think […]