Fiscal deaths ahead: European Commission wants to tax e-cigarettes

Tumescent tax officials have found something new to tax

What if basic economics tells you that raising a tax on a newer, much safer, product will lead to more consumption of an older much more dangerous product than there would otherwise be? What if the consequence of that tax was to cause more […]

E-cigs and regulation – what do investment analysts think?

The investment analysts are always interesting on tobacco and e-cigs, and in a usefully dispassionate ‘follow-the-money’ kind of way.

Here’s a small collection of quotes I’ve seen in recent analyst reports mainly as they relate to regulation of e-cigarettes. I don’t see all reports of course so this is necessarily selective. For ease of reference, […]

The Economist backs e-cigarettes – but frets about excessive regulation

…a couple of interesting pieces on e-cigarettes in The Economist magazine.

No smoke. Why the fire? and E-cigarettes: Vape ’em if you got ’em

What to make of this…?


Asking the wrong question – biofuels

I don’t want to do a full scale critique of biofuels – not least because that would be to enter an already crowded field [see Biofuelwatch and Global Subsidies Initiative, for example]. But it’s worth looking at how narrowly-focussed, bottom-up policy-making now means we have somehow put the most financial support into […]

Heads you win, tails I lose – the City explained

Imagine your job is taking huge gambles with other people’s savings and pensions. Imagine also that the bets are arranged so that you are paid a fortune when things turn out well, but you don’t lose anything much when they go wrong. How would you behave…?

I think you might rapidly develop a hog’s appetite […]