4 December 2022

Five brief reasons why prohibition fails on all counts.


2020 Q & A on nicotine science and policy

It mostly focuses on nicotine vaping as an alternative to smoking, but most of the argument also applies to heated tobacco products, modern smokeless tobacco and new oral nicotine products.


Tobacco Harm Reduction Calendar

See critical dates in the tobacco and public health year

What is happening in England

Policy, legislation, data, politics, advocacy

The critic’s guide to bad vaping science

Plain language guide to questioning the science of e-cigarette studies


Is the evidence-negative opposition to tobacco harm reduction new? 🧵


Check out the clarity of this 1994 paper in Nature by @BradRodu and Philip Cole.

1. A smoking mortality penalty emerges from age ~55
2. No equivalent with smokeless


Why has smoking risen among a subpopulation of women in England...?

Following the publication of a fascinating but worrying paper, @Sharon_ACox shares her insights on the causes. Payback time for the anti-vaping fanatics.

Great paper, depressing results. These are the real public health problems; out of sight, out of mind.

We need to get the policy and public health agenda back to where it matters. Tobacco control activists need to stop terrifying people about safer alternatives to smoking.

Looks like @RCPhysicians has decided that the cigarette trade should not face so much competition from much safer alternatives and wants to help out by making vapes more expensive, less appealing, harder to access, and less innovative.


@WHO a great organisation that does lots of work to add years to life & add life to years. But not for first time it’s lost its way on harm reduction, this time on tobacco, & swallowed hook, line & sinker, arrant nonsense propagated by ideologues @Clive_Bates @swimdaily

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