4 December 2022

Five brief reasons why prohibition fails on all counts.


2020 Q & A on nicotine science and policy

It mostly focuses on nicotine vaping as an alternative to smoking, but most of the argument also applies to heated tobacco products, modern smokeless tobacco and new oral nicotine products.


Tobacco Harm Reduction Calendar

See critical dates in the tobacco and public health year

What is happening in England

Policy, legislation, data, politics, advocacy

The critic’s guide to bad vaping science

Plain language guide to questioning the science of e-cigarette studies


New Nicotine Alliance (@NNAlliance) on what's wrong with the UK Tobacco and Vapes Bill, now released by the Bill Committee.

PDF and overview ...

Heated tobacco products have ripped into the cigarette market in Japan - now down by half. An amazing, cost-effective win for public health... and it only required tobacco control activists to stay out of the way.

Great new briefing from @GlobalStateTHR

Very good question end of panel 2 #EcigSummit Washington DC: Out of all the substances youth might use, where would you put the risk of vaping?

Everyone should have an 8yr old child @Clive_Bates [or an any age preteen]. Clive mentions exposure online to [fill in any of the many

The vaping-smoking comparison between Australia and New Zealand by Ben Youdan @bjy_NZ was brilliant and devastating. The comparison of strategy, regulation, communication, and empathy should shame the Australian tobacco control establishment and cause deep reflection. It won’t.

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