4 December 2022

Five brief reasons why prohibition fails on all counts.


2020 Q & A on nicotine science and policy

It mostly focuses on nicotine vaping as an alternative to smoking, but most of the argument also applies to heated tobacco products, modern smokeless tobacco and new oral nicotine products.


Tobacco Harm Reduction Calendar

See critical dates in the tobacco and public health year

What is happening in England

Policy, legislation, data, politics, advocacy

The critic’s guide to bad vaping science

Plain language guide to questioning the science of e-cigarette studies


Un grand essai randomisé suisse publié dans dans le #NEJM confirme avec la qualité d’un essai thérapeutique la bonne tolérance de la vape à 6 mois👍. Aucun scientifique ne peut plus dire « 0n ne sais pas » Les recos🇫🇷 sur la vape doivent être revues ».

Again @fda_truth @US_FDA @FDATobacco @DrCaliff_FDA
How many millions of studies do we need for you all to actually get off you butts and agree that ecigs are a benefit to public Health.
USA is losing 480k ppl a yr to cig related illnesses.
The UK is saving lives n
Billions $$

New Barclay's report predicts that Altria will have to cut its FY 2024 EPS guidance unless U.S. cig volumes improve.

How could they improve, according to Barclay's? More bans.

The longer we drag this out, the worse it becomes for them.

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