4 December 2022

Five brief reasons why prohibition fails on all counts.


2020 Q & A on nicotine science and policy

It mostly focuses on nicotine vaping as an alternative to smoking, but most of the argument also applies to heated tobacco products, modern smokeless tobacco and new oral nicotine products.


Tobacco Harm Reduction Calendar

See critical dates in the tobacco and public health year

What is happening in England

Policy, legislation, data, politics, advocacy

The critic’s guide to bad vaping science

Plain language guide to questioning the science of e-cigarette studies


Quite like this concept of 'prebunking' health misinformation.

More positive and efficient than having to waste time (years sometimes, decades even in the case of harm reduction) endlessly debunking the same tired myths and misinformation

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has welcomed a vaping report by the @RCPhysicians. It has applauded the medical body’s evidence-based balanced view on the need to deal with key challenges such as youth vaping and the environmental impact of the category, without

In its latest comprehensive report, the prestigious @RCPhysicians

➡️Recommends that #vaping nicotine should be promoted as an effective quitting aid
➡️Concludes that vaping poses only a small fraction of the risk of smoking


Is the evidence-negative opposition to tobacco harm reduction new? 🧵


Check out the clarity of this 1994 paper in Nature by @BradRodu and Philip Cole.

1. A smoking mortality penalty emerges from age ~55
2. No equivalent with smokeless


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